Tongue Tied Media

A modern digital agency made up of freelancers.

How to provide a quality service, meet expectations but still keep the price point below that of a full blown in house digital agency? Oh here’s an idea, do almost exactly what an in house digital agency does but without all the unnecessary costs.

  • No office running costs
  • Reduced time spent travelling to work and spend it actually getting stuff done
  • Don’t pay wages, pay freelancers
  • Keep the accountancy costs down

That’s what we are, a group of freelances, all within about 30 minutes of each other, who pull together to produce great results for our clients. So the cost is less than that of your average agency but you still get the benefits of multiple points of view and skill sets as with an agency. Read on to find out who we are.

The Team


The freelance web designer, front end developer, junior backend developer & light touch online marketeer

Tai has worked on over 90 web projects in the last 5 years, from Tongue Tied Media’s clients to freelance work for big digital agencies. He’ll be planning and executing your project, designing your Brand Identity and Website and in most cases building all or the majority of your website as well. When the projects a really big fish and budget allows it’s time for the chaps below to come into the picture.

Additional talent on call


Coding King

For those larger budget projects that require a great deal of complex custom functionality it’s time to call on Alex, our experienced freelance WordPress, Javascript and PHP backend developer. He knows how to build awesome stuff from the ground up.


Copywriting Ninja

Our freelance copywriting ninja sneaks conversion into every sales page, conviction into every blog post and creates content marketing plans to outrank the shogun himself. Whether it is onsite or offsite, Mat ensures his copy is always right on target. Adopting personas, persuading prospects, commanding attention and luring leads are all part of his bag of tricks.


Marketing Warrior

For those larger budget projects that require a massive extra marketing punch it’s over to Lee, our experienced freelance Search Engine Optimisation, Search Engine Marketing and Pay Per Click warrior. He gets the targeted traffic flowing and those conversion rates on the assent.

Where next?



Phone: 07962219120